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Corporate Sponsorships

Dear Esteemed Sponsors,

I am thrilled to share with you the incredible

journey that the Hands-On Science Center (HOSC) has embarked upon.

We have been making significant strides, fueled by the unwavering support of individuals and organizations like yours who share our passion for education and innovation. In 2023 our Summer Science Camp alone resulted in over 10,000 student contact hours and we are on track to reach over 1 million people virtually with our HOSC Virtual initiatives, igniting the spark of curiosity in the hearts of countless young minds. This accomplishment reflects our commitment to providing quality STEM education that goes beyond textbooks and classrooms, making learning an adventure. But our trajectory goes far beyond our summer and virtual programs. We have recently received a substantial grant from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, amounting to nearly $100,000. This grant facilitated the expansion of our outdoor exhibit space and parking facilities, allowing us to reach even more eager learners and accommodate larger audiences. It's a testament to the recognition of our impact on the community and the invaluable role we play in fostering scientific curiosity. Furthermore, we are delighted to announce partnerships with major corporations that have pledged their support for several exciting projects on our horizon. These visionary companies understand that our rapid growth not only benefits the community but also serves as a powerful platform to showcase their dedication to STEM education. Together, we are poised to make an even greater impact, reaching more students, inspiring more curiosity, and championing the cause of science education. Now, we invite your organization to join us on this remarkable journey. Together, we can continue to empower young minds, promote STEM education, and make a lasting difference in our community. Your support is not just an investment in HOSC; it's an investment in the future of education, innovation, and the leaders of tomorrow. Thank you for considering the profound impact your partnership can have. Together, we will create a brighter, more scientifically curious world.

---Sean Amidon, Executive Director

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